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Welcome to my website! My name is Tim Wensel and I've been involved in horses off and on most of my life. In April 1999 I co-owned a pony that we purchased for my children to ride. The following year, Chief foundered and so began my journey in hoof care that ultimately led to looking for an alternative to the vet's recommendation to euthanise. Long story short, Chief is still running the green pastures of Antigo, Wisconsin, and I'm now a Strasser certified hoofcare specialist.

The driving force behind this special way of caring for your horse's hoof, and in fact the whole horse, is backed by years of study by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser on wild horses and treating and curing some of the worse cases imaginable of founder and laminits, navicular and contraction. Much of her research has been published in books by Dr. Stasser, including the "A Lifetime of Soundness" and "Shoeing: A Necessary Evil?" and many more in her native German tongue. Her coursework and certification teachs the need to bring back the natural balance of the horse's hoof and restore the natural mechanism that enables horses to live a barefoot and healthy life.

While a healthy hoof, and therefor a healthy horse, is more than just one item I would like to show you an important part of the hoof and what happens when a horse "founders".

Example of coffin bone rotation
This is a diagram of a healthy hoof (scetches from Dr. Strasser). The outer line is the hoof wall. The inner triangle represents the coffin bone and shows the proper orientation parallel to the ground.
This diagram represents a severly rotated coffin bone and is unfortunately encouraged by the typical high heel trim given to so many horses. Don't let this happen to your horse! If it is too late, it is not to late to help your horse!

To contact Tim to discuss your horses needs and possibly schedule an appointment, call me at 715-216-2141. That is my cell phone, and if I can be reached, I can be reached there! You can also email me at, but don't expect a quick response! I live outside the reaches of the Internet, but life drags me near a computer from time to time. I am available for hoof care just about any where a plane lands.

For the more severe hoof problems, initial care can be more involved than your usual every 6-8 week farrier visit, but the results are worth the extra effort! I can work with a wide range of needs. Anywhere from boarding your horse at my home with regular hoof trims in a sling (every 2-3 days) for the severe hoof troubles, to educating and guiding you in providing follow up and between call care. Turning a problem hoof around can be involved, but your horse will thank you! Give me a call, and I will be glad to discuss the options available that fit you and your horses needs.

Happy Trails,

Tim the Trimmer